A Day in the Life

Part 1

Andrew B. Evans

5/19/20232 min read

person using laptop computers
person using laptop computers

The start of my second master's degree and the introduction to the blog!

I started my second master's degree (Master of Cybersecurity) at Grand Canyon University in December of 2022. I was just as scared as I was going off to college for the first time. A new experience was waiting for me and my dreams were unlimited. Reality soon set in, however. Things began to quickly pile up with no end in sight. On top of the increased difficulty of school work, I also had a full-time job, a wife to support, and now my first child was on the way. All of this came upon me like a whirlwind, with no experience in the field or how to manage all the growing challenges that have fallen in my lap. I needed help but did not know where to turn. Thankfully I have been growing my faith in the Lord and have had an amazingly supportive wife to help me through the way. My coworkers have also helped me manage the workload and schoolwork. Financially, it has been tight but under the current political conditions, who is doing well off at the moment? Prayers will work and I am walking proof of it. If you ever need help or feel overwhelmed, take time and reach out to friends or coworkers. Someone is always around to help. If you do not have anyone feel free to reach out at andrew3vans.info@gmail.com and I will try to help you through it. Just remember there is a goal and an end dream so always stay focused on that. For me, it is both pursuing my passion and also being able to financially support my family. I want to create this website to share my progress with this new schooling and the new adventure. Hopefully, some of you who stumble upon the page will gain encouragement from what I go through and how I overcome obstacles. Along with sharing school and life experiences, I also plan to share some product reviews. These reviews will be of various technology that I have been able to try out through the years. This will include keyboards, mice, monitors, and computer parts. If you wish to see any specifically please reach out via email and I will see if it is possible. Thank you for joining me and I hope you enjoy the content!